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In need of a loyal locksmith?

Our experienced locksmiths often arrive within 20 minutes for an emergency!

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Locksmith Arnhem

Locksmith Arnhem consists of a team of skilled specialists who can help with various problems. This is possible, for example, if you have lost your house key, if a lock needs to be replaced or if new locks are to be installed. In addition to scheduling regular appointments, the emergency service allows you to contact the locksmith day and night. The professionals are active in and around the Arnhem region and can often be present within 30 minutes. If there has been a break-in or if an attempted break-in has been made, locks must be replaced immediately. For this, the emergency service can arrive on site as soon as possible. Professional resources and the best materials are always used during the work. The service that is offered is always affordable and for a fair price.
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Emergency Service

When you have an issue with your locks that needs to be solved in a rush, don’t hesitate to contact our emergency services by phone, which is available 24 hours a week.

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Opening Locks

A lock that won’t open is very frustrating. Our locksmiths can open every single lock. Call our emergency service if your door lock won’t open anymore.

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Replacing Locks

You can appeal to our experienced locksmiths for replacing your locks. Even when your lock is broken because the key has broken off inside it, you can count on us.


Burglar Prevention

The best home security isn’t cheap, but it will benefit you at the end. This makes it harder for a burglar to enter your home without consent and makes you feel a lot safer.


Core Pull Protection

If you get a new cylinder lock installed, it will most likely have a core-pull-protection build in. This device will make “core pulling” almost impossible and make your home more secure.

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Multi-point Lock System

Do you to have a lock with a multi-point locking system installed? That task needs actual lock specialists. Request an offer with one of our professionals.


Tobias is a lockspecialist, specialized in every kind of lock. He can open any lock, replace outdated ones and knows like no one else which lock is most suited for your house. He also opens safes and gives the best advice about burglar prevention.

Lock expert


Sjonnie has, as a lockspecialist, a lot of knowledge and experience with opening, fixing and replacing different kind of locks. in locks, cylinder locks, multi point locking systems and other kinds of locks will be opened without a problem. He repairs these locks with ease and can advise you about burglar prevention.

Lock specialist


Lesley is one of the specialists, ready for an emergency service. He can be called upon 24 hours a day to help you out and open or replace your hinges and locks. With his years of experience, Lesley is a reliable locksmith who provides the best service.


Emergency service in Arnhem

Do you urgently need a locksmith? Then Locksmith Arnhem can arrive on your doorstep within half an hour. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for making appointments. This may be necessary if there has been a break-in and the locks need to be replaced immediately. If you have locked yourself out or the key has broken off inside the lock, you can also contact the lock expert from Arnhem. In such cases, the professional immediately gets to work to ensure that the lock can be opened. With professional tools and a lot of experience, he ensures in most cases that this is done without damaging the lock. If the lock does get damaged, a new one will of course be mounted with the necessary certificates. Because the Arnhem emergency service is available day and night, you can always make an appointment, even during holidays and weekends.
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Replacing Locks in Arnhem

Locks are replaced by the locksmith for the best quality ones. All products that we install come with a certificate.

Replacing Cylinder Locks

Need a new cylinder lock or need a cylinder lock with certificate? Contact us for an appointment.

Core Pull Protection

Do you want better protection for your home or property against burglary? Have the locksmith install a core pull protection on your cylinder locks.

Replacing Locks

If a lock is outdated or if the key has broken off in the lock, if the lock is damaged or if it has been broken into, then the lock often needs to be replaced. The Locksmith from Arnhem works with the best products and always installs locks that has a certificate. Outdated locks or locks with damage can be dangerous because they are often more difficult to open. Therefore, they must be replaced quickly. We are happy to send someone over to replace the locks. An advantage of replacing locks is that you are also better protected against burglary. The locks are safe and are offered at fair prices. Has there been a break-in? Then you can reach the emergency service at any time of the day for the replacement of your locks.
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Slotenmaker Arnhem

Emergency services in Arnhem

The Locksmith Arnhem has an emergency service that is available 24/7. You can always be helped if, for example, you cannot get into your house or if the key has broken off. The professional we send is knowledgeable and works with professional resources. As a result, a lock can often be opened in no time, without being damaged. If there is already damage due to, for example, a burglary attempt, we will of course replace the locks in your home with as soon as possible. The emergency service is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. If you call, someone can often arrive on site within half an hour.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Arnhem

When you contact our emergency service by telephone, we can immediately provide you with a quote. This way you know immediately what the job will cost you and you will not be faced with nasty surprises afterwards.
These stars indicate how safe a particular lock is. If there are more stars on it, the lock is the safest. Such a lock comes with a certificate that you must show to the locksmith if you want to have a key made.
This prevents the core from being pulled out of the case from the outside. The security is placed over the core so that it is not as easily accessible for people without a key. You can continue to use the lock as usual.
This type of lock closes at three ore more points simultaneously when you turn the key in the lock. This closes the door in three or more places at once and makes breaking it open a lot more complicated. You only need one key to operate such a lock.
Never try to remove the remainder yourself, but let the locksmith do this. He has special tools for it and in 95% of all cases the lock is not damaged and can still be used.

Gijs from Arnhem

I recently bought a house from 1920. Even all the hinges and locks are from this time. I therefore called Locksmith Arnhem with the question if they could make a quote for me to replace all locks. The next day I had the quote in my mailbox and they replaced all the hinges and locks three days later.

Nico from Arnhem

My grandfather was looking for a reliable locksmith in Arnhem. He wanted a different lock on his door. Due to his rheumatism he could no longer operate the lock. Finally we ended up at Locksmith Arnhem. My grandfather now has a fantastic lock, which can basically be operated with one finger. Great advisors at Locksmith Arnhem.

Marlies from Arnhem

After a night out, I accidentally put the wrong key in the lock of my front door. And the key is broken. He was stuck, so eventually Locksmith Arnhem called to have the piece removed from the lock. The whole lock was dislocated by my stupid action, so the locksmith immediately replaced the lock. Good service.

Working Area

Working area Locksmith Arnhem

The working area extends around the entire Arnhem region and far beyond. This makes it possible to make an appointment quickly. Because there is always a locksmith nearby, an appointment can often be made quickly. If you need a locksmith urgently, then you obviously opt for the emergency service. In many cases we can have someone come to you within half an hour. If you don’t live in the Arnhem area, that’s no problem. You can also call us for an appointment. Due to our national coverage, there is always a lock specialist available in your area.